Dog Training Leash Cody

  • $294.99

The adjustable CODY leash is the right choice if you value high-quality materials and good design in everyday objects. The 3-way adjustable leash made of exclusive bison leather is just as beautiful as it is practical. The CODY leash can be adjusted in three different ways and thus be adapted to any situation, whether you allow your dog plenty of space to play or keep it close by to be on the safe side. With just a few movements, the 3-way adjustable CODY leash can be set up to function exactly as you need it to. The dainty metal emblem with a bison motif makes the leash stand out, which is manufactured using premium-quality bison leather. The leather is sourced from sustainable and closely monitored livestock, and is turned into the adjustable CODY leash and other products in the CODY range in Germany by the experienced HUNTER leather experts. Each item is a unique specimen thanks to the striking graining pattern.

  • the grain of each leather makes it a unique
  • rustic, natural look
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • with detachable bison leather key fob
  • from strictly controlled, sustainable breeding
  • Made in Germany


  • Uppers: Bison Leather
  • Under material: Bison Leather