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Proudly producing top quality pet gear since 1980

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Setting the highest standards for pet accessories

Our passion for quality does not just apply to our products. We seek to bring joy to people and animals and visibly express their profound bond. Our understanding of quality also determines our interpersonal communication. It is shaped by dependability, loyalty, partnership and responsibility. You can rely on us, on those who work for HUNTER, and the products we make. Always.

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2 in 1 Clicker with Lanyard
  • $12.21
BELCANDO Adult Active
  • From $7.54
BELCANDO® Adult Dinner
  • From $7.54
BELCANDO® Adult Grain Free Ocean
  • From $9.05

Sold out

BELCANDO® Adult Grain Free Poultry
  • From $8.30
BELCANDO® Chicken and Duck with Millet and Carrot (6 PK)
  • From $18.11

Sold out

BELCANDO® Finest Grain Free Lamb
  • From $9.81

Sold out

BELCANDO® Finest Grain Free Salmon
  • From $9.05

Sold out

BELCANDO® Junior Grain Free Poultry
  • From $8.67
BELCANDO® Junior Poultry with Egg (6 PK)
  • From $22.64
  • From $11.32

Sold out

BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT Topping Turkey (Pack of 12)
  • $26.41
BELCANDO® Pure Buffalo (Pack of 6)
  • $34.72
BELCANDO® Pure Chicken (Pack of 6)
  • $26.41
BELCANDO® Pure Lamb (Pack of 6)
  • $30.19
BELCANDO® Pure Salmon (Pack of 6)
  • $29.43

We Live Quality

Our passion for materials, our outstanding product knowledge and our joy in hand-crafted perfection is our driving force. As a family business, we commit ourselves to setting standards in manufacturing, which no other is capable of doing.


Great quality collar, strong, smooth and well made. Looks brilliant on my Bernese Mountain Dog. Very pleased with this collar. Worth every penny.

Betty S.

I have tried several brands but I can confidently claim that Hunter has the best ones ever. I highly recommend. All are so stylish!

Christine M.

Amazing quality and fit.

Nick S.

Bought a collar for my Swiss mountain dog 3 years ago . Still in amazing condition. Collar been under a lot of strain from 60kg playful dog . Out in all weathers and is still strong and well built . Great material used . Nice to purchase a product that lasts .

John H.

Really nice, very neatly processed and robust collar, which together with our Labrador males has already mastered many "adventures" (swimming, wallowing, rolling in all kinds of water ;-))) still always looks good. The effort was worthwhile. Clear buy recommendation!

Jack B.

The Hunter brand was and remains the best for us. Quality that is not easily found elsewhere. Our last collar from Hunter is now 5 years old and still OK. If you want quality, good looks an durability many years, you should buy Hunter!

Nadine T.
Our Philosophy

We use only the finest material and craftsmanship in our products, and it shows!

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