It’s a family business

It was the 1970s in Bielefeld, Germany. A hunter sought to have handmade leather collars for his greyhounds, so he came to Rolf Trautwein and asked if he could make them. A master saddle maker and a dog owner himself, Rolf was known for his exceptional leather-craftsmanship. He crafted outstanding collars from premium materials for the hunter’s greyhounds. While working on the project, Rolf recognized his aspiration to create leather products with the best possible comfort and functionality for dogs. Impressed by the perfection of the hand-crafted collars, the hunter gifted Rolf a greyhound puppy from his dogs’ offspring. In 1980, at the age of 36, Rolf Trautwein realized his dream by establishing a company to produce high-quality accessories for dogs. His greyhound would later become the symbol of his today’s world-renowned high-end pet brand, HUNTER.

The online store, Hunter Pet Shop Facebook page, and Instagram page are owned and operated by a privately owned Canadian company Hunter Pet Shop based in the Province of Ontario, Canada. As an official partner of HUNTER, we can offer you online access to all products, new additions and exclusive offers from the HUNTER brand, shipped directly from Canada. The quality of HUNTER products is self-evident. It is a part of the company's philosophy to guarantee this quality and continually improve it. At HUNTER, quality begins with the purchasing of raw materials, continues during processing, and ends with the presentation of the products. We at Hunter Pet Shop trust the products and the good work done by HUNTER and we are proud to be a part of the HUNTER family and successful brand history.