Dog Training Leash Basic

  • $106.99

Adjustable training leashes can always do more than »normal« leashes, that's the point. But if they are also made of beautiful coated split leather with a lot of love for craftsmanship, are "Made in Germany" and easy to care for - then this is the holy grail of dog leashes, so to speak. The 3-fold adjustable training leash BASIC is the right leash for you and your dog, if you often need leashes of different lengths, but it often arrives spontaneously and you do not always want to carry different leashes around with you. The length of the adjustable training leash BASIC can be adjusted to the respective situation and your wishes in no time at all. The high-quality coated split leather makes the leash robust and supple, very comfortable to handle. The coating of the leather is the reason why the 3-fold adjustable BASIC training leash is easy to wipe off and therefore unbeatably easy to clean.

  • robust material
  • easy care
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • Made in Germany


  • Uppers: Coated Split Leather
  • Under material: Artificial leather