Training Leash Love Education

  • $129.08

The LOVE triple adjustable leash is a real gem that expresses your love for your dog on every walk. The practical regulation of the length means it can be used in all situations - short lead when strolling through the city centre, long lead when walking in the park or hung around the torso when you need your hands free, this product from the HUNTER manufactory in Bielefeld is simply the perfect allrounder! The leash is particularly comfortable to hold thanks to the soft cowhide nappa leather underneath and the carefully placed seams and integrated carabiners and rings speak for the attention to detail. The visual highlight of the LOVE training leash is the decorative element with the hearts, which are individually edged and sewn. Note: Our leathers are manufactured as gently as possible. With dyed leather, there may initially be slight, fading discolouration.

  • Especially soft cow leather
  • Hearts are sewn in individually
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • Made in Germany