Dog Combi brush Spa "pluck and comb"

  • $39.99

The perfect multi-purpose solution for the ultimate in cat and dog grooming: thanks to the rotating teeth, the comb slides particularly smoothly through the animal’s coat. In the process, it takes care of tough tangles easily and with a gentle touch. Simply turn the brush over and the slicker brush with the extra-soft stainless steels pins removes dead topcoat and undercoat fur, ensuring perfect hygiene. The ergonomically shaped grip in a high-quality leather look guarantees that the comb is non-slip and easy to use. The brush is suitable for dogs with short, medium-length and long hair (the smallest size is also suitable for cats).

  • suitable for long-haired, medium-length and short-haired dogs and cats
  • metal comb with rotating teeth on one side and brush with the extra-soft stainless steels pins on the other
  • untangles knots
  • makes it easier to remove dead topcoat and undercoat fur
  • ergonomic handle with high-quality leather look