Clicker with lanyard and finger loop

  • $12.21

Clicker training can be used for all purposes – not only is it suitable for basic dog training, it can also be used for dog sports and a whole range of creative feats and crazy tricks. It is also fun for both the dog and the owner. For maximum success in training and for comfortable use, this ergonomically shaped clicker has an elastic finger loop and lanyard. That means it is always at hand during training and is extremely easy to hold when in use. It also stands out from the crowd with its very audible sound – the volume and sound are clearly audible even in noisy surroundings. It’s the perfect fit for fun, successful training sessions and companionship between human and dog.

  • easy handling
  • with elastic finger loop
  • with lanyard
  • easily perceptible sound
  • ideal for training and schooling