Cat collar Krokom

  • $9.05

The absolute joy of play: this little collar, rich in cute details, provides the perfect combination of decorative accessory and practical equipment. Its nylon material is fluorescent and reflects light. This not only makes the Krokom a wonderful piece of bling, but also ensures that the house cat is clearly visible at all times. The safety click opens when a strong pull is applied so that the cat does not injure itself if it gets caught somewhere along the way. The reflective tag allows you to write down your phone number and address, which means that the cat collar (or even the whole cat) can be brought home safely if worst comes to worst. In addition, the collar has a bell.

  • Cat collar with safety click, bell and address tag
  • Fluorescent and reflective
  • Safety click opens when pulled
  • Reflective address tag for increased visibility
  • Individually adjustable


  • Uppers: Polyester
  • Under material: Nylon/Plastic