Tracking leash Convenience

  • $35.98

Much higher demands are placed on a search leash than on one that is »only« used for everyday walks with your four-legged friend. The CONVENIENCE search leash was developed for use in hunting and dog sports. It is available in different lengths and widths, which give the dog sufficient leeway for training and sport as well as for working use. Thanks to the absence of a hand loop, CONVENIENCE is also ideal as a drag line, as the danger of getting caught in undergrowth or other »obstacles« is minimal. The special material of the search line deserves particular attention, as it combines the positive properties of leather and plastic to perfection. The innovative plastic mixture has a good grip and is robust, extremely easy to clean as well as weather and temperature resistant. Water and dirt do not enter the material, so that the practical leash masters any outdoor use with flying colours.

  • Search and drag leash for dog sports and training
  • Ideal for hunting and dog sports
  • Without wrist loop
  • Durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof
  • Firm grip in warm and cold conditions
  • Antibacterial and mould-free