Dog Snack Bag Hilo Basic

  • $26.98
When rewarding dogs, perfect timing is of utmost importance. There are only between one and three seconds to reinforce desired behaviour, so that the dog associates his action and the food reward with each other. It is therefore all the more important to always carry the snack bag with the much sought-after morsels reliably close to the body and to be able to reward extensively with a loose grip. Thanks to the sturdy plastic clip, the particularly lightweight HILO BASIC bag made of trend-setting 3D mesh material can be clipped to the belt or waistband and securely closed after being filled with enough snacks. Even with one hand, thanks to the elastic cord. Lightweight, compact and a reliable companion for training and exercising your faithful companion - that's the HILO BASIC snack bag.
  • Fillable snack bag for dog training
  • Ideal for storing all kinds of snacks
  • Particularly light and compact
  • Easy to open and close with a cord
  • For attaching to a belt or the like