Dog Silicone Travel bowl List

  • $30.36

The LIST silicone travel bowl is quite literally two bowls in one. The foldable bowls are held together by a carabiner, which can also be used to attach the bowls to a piece of luggage etc. With the absolute minimum of space requirements, you can take a food and water bowl for your dog with you on your travels. You can attach the folded LIST silicone travel bowl to a belt loop or to small pieces of luggage such as a travel bag, a trolley or a backpack using the carabiner. Consequently, the LIST silicone travel bowl will be on hand whenever you need it. If you want to feed your dog or when it gets thirsty, simply detach the bowl, unfold it and you will have two differently sized bowls ready and waiting to be used. The carabiner connects the bowls, but you can of course also separate them if that makes things easier. The LIST travel bowl is made from food grade silicone.

  • food grade silicone
  • ideal for travelling
  • space-saving foldable
  • with fixing carabiner
  • small bowl can be used as lid
  • washable