Rain coat for dogs Milford

  • $35.98
Measuring Instructions

Allow me, MILFORD! It resembles the classic oilskin jacket and is just as practical and functional as the »human version« of the reliable must-have. Of course, the special needs of four-legged friends were taken into account in the design of MILFORD. Elastic straps on the hind legs ensure that the lightweight coat fits perfectly, even in strong gusts of wind. Thanks to the ergonomic fit, the dog's sensitive neck, back and belly are perfectly protected without restricting freedom of movement. The dog rain coat MILFORD is closed in an instant and individually by means of a wide velcro strap. This is fastened on the back and can be adjusted in no time if it turns out during the course of a damp walk that MILFORD is a little too wide or too tight. In addition to an opening for the D-ring of a collar, the coat is also ideal for »harness wearers« thanks to the waterproof and individually adjustable two-way zip. The attractive striped lining made of smooth polyester fabric makes the coat particularly comfortable to wear - regardless of whether the dog's coat is curly or smooth, short or long. The MILFORD coat is very easy to care for: any dirt can simply be wiped off with a soft, damp cloth, provided the rain hasn't already done this naturally. Alternatively, the washing machine can be used at 30 °C to restore the colours to their full brilliance. Ideal for two-legged and four-legged friends who want to show the »muddy weather« the cold snout!

  • Lightweight windrepellent and waterproof rain coat for dogs
  • With neck collar and closed belly area
  • Individually adjustable belly strap with velcro fastener
  • Opening for the attachment of a leash to the collar and harness
  • Elastic loops for the hind legs
  • Attractive, classic design
  • Washable at 30 °C