Dog Harness Hilo Comfort

  • $43.99
Measuring Instructions

For anyone who wants a little lightness in their life, our HILO range offers just the right dog accessories. The innovative 3D mesh fabric is breathable, extremely lightweight, and also has a cooling effect in warm weather. Just place the HILO in water and it will provide on-the-go relief to your pet. And if you are going for walkies in unfavourable lighting conditions, the reflective material ensures optimum safety. HUNTER’s proven pull-relief is as simple as it is brilliant, as it avoids the fastener in order to protect it. In contrast to conventional collars, the pulling force is not on the clasp. That reduces strain on the fabric and guarantees a much longer lifespan for the collar. Small but practical details round out the collar’s well designed overall impression – the prominent HUNTER logo, for instance, or the particularly soft stitching on this remarkable collar offer a certain something when it comes to comfort, style and innovation. Soft, smooth, inventive and extremely light – HILO stands for state-of-the-art accessories.

  • 3D mesh fabric
  • breathable
  • especially light
  • with cooling effect
  • reflective
  • with Hunter pull-relief


  • Uppers: Polyester