Dog Grooming glove Spa

  • $39.99

Treat your dog to some five-star, spa-style pampering with this unique care glove. Simply fill shampoo into the glove through the oval-shaped opening and gently groom your four-legged friend. The soft, flexible rubber pins make freeing fur from dirt and dead hairs a breeze, while the gentle massaging action stimulates circulation. Even after your pet is clean and ready to go, the back of the specially designed glove can be used to remove loose hairs from clothing, carpets and furniture. Perfect for hands of any size, a finger loop on the inside ensures optimum stability and hold for any activity.

  • suitable for all types of fur
  • wash and massage your dog at the same time
  • Features an opening for adding shampoo
  • Fabric surface to remove hairs from clothes and furniture
  • Perfect for any size hand