Dog Grooming curry comb Spa with shampoo function

  • $30.99

The curry comb with the special wellness effect. Not only do the special threefold massage pins treat your dog to some real pampering during grooming, but the brush can also be filled with dog shampoo thanks to the twist-off cap in the massage head. Simply push the button and the brush pumps the shampoo right onto your four-legged friend’s head. In addition to ideal hygiene, this function makes it possible to better dispense and distribute the shampoo, not to mention that it can help stimulate the dog’s circulation. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the curry comb fits perfectly in the hand.

  • suitable for dogs with medium-length and long hair
  • special threefold massage pins
  • brush can be filled with shampoo
  • can stimulate the dog’s circulation