Flight Bag & Backpack Miles

  • $179.98

Hardly anything is more fulfilling than setting off on a journey together with your four-legged friend - whether by train, plane or car. Once they arrive at their destination, there are countless possibilities. A day-long hike or a city trip can be on the bucket list just as much as a boat trip or a visit to a museum. Thanks to MILES, a practical backpack for dogs and cats up to 6.5 kg body weight, your four-legged friend can always be with you wherever you go. The design of the bag allows the four-legged friend to perceive the surroundings with all his senses. At the same time, the »passenger« is protected from external influences and finds an ideal retreat in MILES. The removable, dimensionally stable bottom is softly padded with an insert made of imitation lambskin. When the bag is placed on its side, the fluffy insert can be doubled in size and serves as a cosy travel bed for puppy, small dog or cat. The dimensions of flight bag & backpack MILES comply with the recommendations of the umbrella organisation of airlines IATA (International Air Transport Association). Therefore, MILES is accepted as hand luggage by almost all airlines and allows two-legged and four-legged friends to travel side by side. Particularly practical are the pockets for smartphone, wallet and other belongings, which are located on the sides and »hidden« on the back. The material of the side pockets is so elastic that even somewhat larger items can fit comfortably inside. An additional carabiner, also positioned on the side, serves as a fastening option for accessories such as a travel bowl. MILES can also be attached to the handlebars of a trolley in no time at all, so that the pet owner only has to transport one compact piece of luggage to the destination of the journey.

  • Upright and lying usable backpack for dogs and cats
  • Ideally suited as hand luggage on planes, complies with IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommendations
  • With removable bottom tray for separate use
  • With removable and 40 °C washable imitation lambskin insert
  • Optimal ventilation thanks to mesh fabric and practical pockets for smartphone and co.
  • Can be attached to a trolley pole
  • Can be loaded up to max. 6.5 kg