Dog sofa Bergamo

  • $248.49
The BERGAMO dog sofa is absolutely innately inviting. Thanks to the plush trip, it is especially snuggly and comfortable. Even better for your dog, place the dog sofa near to you, so that they can always be close to you. The combination of the velvet exterior and the plush trim of the interior means that the BERGAMO dog sofa isn’t just incredibly comfy but it’s also strikingly beautiful. The leather look piping accentuates the form and casual charm of the sofa, which seamlessly blends in with many furnishing styles. The BERGAMO dog sofa is equipped with Bionic Finish® C6, so the cover is dirt and water-repellent. Additionally equipped with SILVERPLUS® means that the cover is also antibacterial, so that bacteria doesn’t even get a chance to multiply. So the BERGAMO dog sofa stays exceptionally hygienic and clean for a long time. Of course, you can wash also it (machine washable at 30 °C). Washing the cover is incredibly easy, as the filling can be completely removed before washing.