Dog Training Leash Round & Soft Cow Nappa

  • $148.99

The ROUND & SOFT adjustable leash offers the typical HUNTER quality that you have come to expect from »Made in Germany« products. This soft leash can be adjusted to the require length in the blink of an eye, so you will always be equipped to meet any situation that life throws up with just one leash. With the ROUND & SOFT 3-length adjustable leash, you can select the right length for the leash, whether you are taking your dog for a walk or in the midst of a training session. In order that the leash can withstand any kind of activity, the supple cowhide nappa leather - which fits very comfortably in your hand - is strengthened with a nylon core, thus enhancing the leash’s durability. The careful workmanship is evident in the unusual rounded design, the accurate stitching and the securely fastened karabiners and rings, with which the ROUND & SOFT adjustable leash can be adjusted so quickly and simply. Notice: Our leather is produced as gently as possible. With a dyed leather there may be a slight discolouration as time goes by.

  • Made of especially soft cow nappa leather
  • Tear-resistant nylon insert
  • Rounded processing fits comfortable in the hand
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • Made in Germany