Dog Collar Basic

  • $54.49
Measuring Instructions

The BASIC collar reflects the basic nature of the collar. The design is uncompromisingly functional, but this does not mean that no attention was given to the details. The collar tapers slightly at both ends and thus enhances the design in a very unpretentious manner. Even the unusual seams around the fastening ring are testament to the refinement of the BASIC collar for those who look closely enough and know how to appreciate such details. Thanks to the coated split leather, the collar is very low-maintenance, as you can simply wipe off dirt and moisture. As always with HUNTER products, the leather is very carefully crafted to ensure that the BASIC collar is comfortable and safe for your dog to wear. Coated split leather is strong and supple, which makes it an ideal choice for dog collars and leashes.

  • robust material
  • easy care
  • Made in Germany


  • Uppers: Coated Split Leather
  • Under material: Artificial leather