Dog Carry bag Barcelona

  • $133.99
In your search for a carrier bag for your little dog you need not choose between style and functionality: BARCELONA carrier bag has both! It looks good and is incredibly practical. The bag in contemporary shopping bag style has a wool blended fabric exterior in classic design. For this reason, BARCELONA carrier bag suits any and every setting, from a casual stroll through the city to official business meetings.  The inside of the bag holds--apart from your little darling of course--other useful features that make the bag even more useful and practical. For instance, a nylon strap with carabiner is attached on the inside of the bag so that you may leash your dog in the bag. Thus, it can neither jump out on its own nor be simply taken out by someone. The mesh inserts in the BARCELONA carrier bag ensure sufficient fresh air supply. Your dog can climb into the bag from the top or the side, whichever way is more convenient. In addition, the bag has a separate pouch for dog waste bags so that they are always immediately at hand while you are on the road. The Carry bag is loadable up to a weight of 8.0 kg.