2 in 1 Clicker with Lanyard

  • $16.18

In the life of every dog owner there are some must-haves for any walk. One of them is the 2in1 Clicker with lanyard, because it conveniently combines the clicker and whistle with a frequency of 5000 Hz and can be attached to clothing with a clip or worn around the neck with a loop. The clicker is easily audible even from a distance and allows you to practise commands or reward a prompt return with click and treats immediately after your callback whistle. Practical - and practically indestructible, because the grey plastic is resilient to wind and weather.

  • 2-in-1: clicker and whistle (5,000 Hz)
  • enables you to get in contact with your dog quickly and easily in any situation
  • can be adjustably attached to clothing with a lanyard or clip