Hunter Cat Harnesses

  • $22.49

This puppy and cat harness and leash set is light as a feather to fit your pet’s body like a glove without feeling restrictive or too tight. Thanks to its cheerful colours and fun patterns, this set is bound to turn a few heads. The clever, well-crafted combination of harness and leash protects your puppy, small dog or cat from the various dangers of everyday life, from busy streets and sudden, scary noises to other animals that come charging towards your four-legged friend. The stainless steel carabiner is especially small and light but is capable of keeping your pet safely close to you in any situation. And let’s be honest, a harness and leash set is a great way to remember your dog’s innocent days as a puppy and your first attempts at venturing out into the world together. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of magic moments that no one can ever take away from you.

  • especially soft and light
  • easy adjustable
  • perfect for puppies, small dogs and cats
  • Leash length: 120 cm


  • Uppers: Nylon/Plastic
  • Under material: Nylon/Plastic