Training Retriever Leash Freestyle

  • $63.49

The FREESTYLE Retriever leash is flexible over its full length. In other words, it isn't just the collar which is adjustable on this leash, but the length of the leash itself. The soft and simultaneously hard-wearing rope with polyamide core also makes this leash extremely low maintenance. The collar on the FREESTYLE Retriever leash can be adjusted exactly as desired using the slider and stop ring. This means you can prevent the collar from being pulled too tight, while also stopping your dog from inadvertently slipping the collar off, because the collar will only open as wide as you determine. In addition, with the FREESTYLE Retriever leash you can also adjust the length of the leash itself. The special slider is infinitely adjustable so the carabiner can be hooked in to the desired position. Not only does the polyamide rope used in the FREESTYLE Retriever leash look great, it is also pleasantly soft to hold - and particularly robust. The material is weatherproof and so can withstand sun, rain, cold and heat even with daily use.

  • leash with integrated collar
  • collar stepless adjustable
  • leash stepless adjustable
  • rope made of durable polyamide
  • leather caps
  • easy care


  • Uppers: Rope/ Nylon