Dog Training Leash Freestyle

  • $79.18

Leashes such as the 3-way adjustable FREESTYLE leash with its fresh rope look are a must for lots of dog owners. They appreciate the flexible, versatile leashes, which allow them to tackle different situations spontaneously and with no fuss. The 3-way adjustable FREESTYLE leash can be adjusted in no time to the precise length you require. The carabiner and hooks are carefully and securely incorporated to make it easy to lengthen or shorten your dog's leash as required at any particular moment. The innovative rope with its polyamide core offers several benefits at once: externally the leash is soft and supply, so it is comfortable to hold. Internally a robust polyamide rope is used and this strong core is what makes the leash so durable. The 3-way adjustable FREESTYLE leash is weatherproof, so it has no problem coping with daily dog walks in sun, rain, wind and weather.

  • rope made of durable polyamide
  • leather caps
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • easy care


  • Uppers: Rope/ Nylon