Safety harness Maldon

  • $143.98
Measuring Instructions

The MALDON safety harness is ideal for skittish and insecure four-legged friends or »second hand« dogs who are not sure in the first few weeks whether certain situations will lead to escape behaviour. As the name already suggests, this model is a functional further development of the popular Y-harness MALDON. The additional features that distinguish the safety harness are, on the one hand, the handle (Size: S-M − L) attached to the back, with which the dog can be held quickly and securely in a dangerous situation, and, on the other hand, the additional belly or waist belt. This can be individually adjusted to the size of the four-legged friend and prevents the dog from »escaping backwards« and »breaking out« of the harness. Particularly practical: the additional strap can be removed at any time with a flick of the wrist if it is no longer needed. The »safety belt« is attached with a special square hook that has proven its robustness and reliability in numerous practical tests.

  • Safety harness suitable for everyday use for fearful and insecure dogs
  • Removable waist belt, for use as a classic Y-harness
  • With padded handle (from size S-M)
  • Lightweight plastic click buckles
  • Softly padded, especially at the pressure points
  • Highly reflective thanks to 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material
  • Up to 7-way adjustable (harness from size S-M: 5-way, waist belt: 2-way)