Dog Muzzle Albury

  • $43.99
This muzzle represents a real innovation on a number of fronts, with the dog’s comfort and well-being as the top priorities. The muzzle is made from a single piece of plastic, and the use of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ensures that it is particularly flexible without losing its durability. Padding around the nose and forehead for a snug and comfortable fit on these sensitive parts of the face. The grille with large gaps enables the dog to pant and drink water – even small treats can easily pass through. The removable protective muzzle is a particularly special feature, as it can save a dog’s life by preventing him or her from picking up poisonous bait. The infinitely adjustable nylon straps guarantee that the muzzle will stay firmly attached and cannot be removed by the dog, though it will not restrict the animal’s movement. The integrated hook allows the muzzle to be attached directly to the collar.