Leash Manoa

  • $33.99

Does your dog leash remind you of your holidays? Does it carry you off to the island of Hawaii? No? In that case, it’s worth trying out the MANOA leash. As our choice of colours for the MAUI and MANOA collections has been inspired by Hawaii, every item is reminiscent of that island paradise. That’s why we’re sure the MANOA leash will make you feel as if you’re on holiday. The mesh fabric is very easy to clean – should the leash ever get soiled, you can simply wash it down. This well-padded leash with high comfort value is sure to impress and become your absolute favourite. The MANOA leash comes in five bold colours to match the harnesses from the MANOA collection and the MAUI collar.

  • from soft padded mesh material
  • both light and robust
  • comfortable to wear
  • easy-care


  • Uppers: Polyester