Dog Combi brush Spa "brush and care"

  • $30.99

The all-rounder dog brush for every coat type: with soft bristles on one side and nickel-plated pins on the other, this brush is suitable for short-haired, medium-length and long-haired dogs. The bristles ensure that oils are distributed more evenly throughout the coat, while the pins help to gently care for the topcoat and undercoat. The brush’s flexible neck prevents you from applying too much pressure – a real advantage for ensuring your dog’s well-being. The brush optimally adapts to the structure of your dog’s coat and its contours. The ergonomically shaped grip in a high-quality leather look makes it non-slip and easy to use. This will allow you to master any furry hygiene challenge with a literal flick of the wrist.

  • suitable for long-haired, medium-length and short-haired dogs
  • soft bristles on one side, nickel-plated pins on the other
  • flexible brush neck
  • ergonomic handle with high-quality leather look