Dog Collar Cody Petit

  • $107.49
Measuring Instructions

The CODY Petit collar has been specifically designed for small dogs. The snug, bison-leather collar is a perfect fit and remarkably lightweight. As a result, CODY Petit is both safe and comfortable for the dog to wear. Oversized collars simply do not fit properly on smaller dogs. This can cause not only chafing on the skin, but may also drive the dog to free itself from the collar and put itself in dangerous situations. An appropriately-fitting collar such as the bison-leather CODY Petit collar avoids such problems. Thanks to its slender shape, the particularly small D-ring and the neat buckle, the CODY Petit collar will fit your small dog like a glove. The premium-quality bison leather rests softly and smoothly on the dog’s skin. Moreover, the CODY Petit collar is Made in Germany - the bison leather, which is sourced from strictly controlled, sustainable livestock, is processed in Germany by the HUNTER leather experts. The CODY Petit collar can be acquired in two beautiful, discreet colours and in two different sizes. With a metal emblem featuring a bison motif.

  • the grain of each leather makes it a unique
  • rustic, natural look
  • with especially small D-ring and buckle
  • ideal for small dogs
  • with detachable bison leather key fob
  • from strictly controlled, sustainable breeding
  • Made in Germany


  • Uppers: Bison Leather
  • Under material: Bison Leather